As many of you know, we just recently launched our brand spankin’ new website. The process of developing a new site can take a while and you want to make sure it’s done right. But, the reward of launching your new site is probably one of the most exciting times for a company. It’s seeing all of that hard work come to fruition. It’s knowing that the long hours of planning, design, development, strategy, etc. were all worth it.

Many companies fail to recognize the hard work of those who had a hand in the creation of the site. They make their site live and that’s it. No excitement. No party poppers. Nothing. It’s another item checked off of someone’s “To Do” list and the site is soon to be forgotten. The key to success with your website is to get your staff to own it, love it, and be excited about it.

When we launched our website, we made it a big deal. Our President, Dave Hazen waited for the countdown to finish as he pressed the “LAUNCH” button. Streamers, popcorn, novelty toys and the whole staff were present. We made it a celebration of all of the hard work that went into making our baby. It was a fun time for all and it got the staff excited about the site, what to add next, and how to make it grow.

So if you’re currently working on a site or are in need of a new site, be sure to plan your launch party. Your team will thank you!

Matt Wilson sharing the news on Facebook