It wasn’t that long ago that we visited the library for information. Or put a quarter into a pay phone to call someone when on the road. Or passed notes in class to our friends when we wanted to say something in private. Using advanced technology meant plugging your Nintendo into a TV to play Super Mario Bros. It meant using the school computer to play Oregon Trail or print out a banner using a dot matrix printer for your birthday. It all seems so long ago.

But we’ve evolved. Technology has gotten better. We have lightning fast access to information we want to look up and the ability to call our friends from anywhere we want. We don’t have to write anymore; we text. We don’t have to take turns playing video games; they’re on our phones. We have advanced technology in our back pocket at all times. It’s great isnt’ it? We no longer have to write with pen and paper or even talk to each other. We don’t have to watch shows as a family or even eat together. We don’t have to pay attention to the world around casino online us because we have to see what text message just came through on our phones. We’ve evolved into independent creatures who don’t need each other and whose face-to-face social skills are no longer needed.

Wait a minute. This doesn’t sound like improvement to me. This sounds like a step backwards. This sounds like we’ve become uncivilized, rude, self-absorbed creatures. Yes, technology is great. Even I love technology and social media. But you also have to have a balance. You have to find or make time to uplug from technology and plug in to the world around you.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you don’t miss your gadgets.