You can”t open a door with a full glass of milk in your hand. Go ahead, try it. We dare you. Seriously, go for it. We”ll wait here. No cheating. One hand. One glass of milk.

How did it go? Did you find success? Did you prove us wrong? Or, is there a little puddle awaiting your attention?

As a brand/advertising/marketing guru, have you ever felt like your brand is that glass of milk? You”ve worked for years to fill your glass with meaningful stuff. Well thought out strategy. Tried and true thinking. You say to yourself, “It”s a great tasting glass of milk. People tell me that they are jealous of my Vitamin D enriched cup-o-goodness. It builds the company”s strong bones and healthy teeth.”

Or, you may feel your job is to not let your brand spoil. Someone else poured the glass, but you need to keep it chilled. Keep it in a clean glass. A safe glass. Don”t let it go bad. Make sure others notice your glass cleaning efforts.

But, the truth keeps nagging. Deep down inside you know that the door of “next-level customer engagement” stays closed. You often casino online think about reaching for the door. You read motivational book and blogs on how to reach for it. You probably even encourage others to reach for their door. But, yours…oh that”s different. Your door is simply too risky for your precious cup of milk. Your precious….your precious….

Reality time. The warmth of your loving hand is spoiling your milk. Your own effort to hold the milk is ultimately going to make cottage cheese out of your brand.

This is the reason that great companies like ours stay in business. We seek to understand the value of what is in our client”s cups. We bring perspective on how to keep brands fresh and tasty. We bring the capacity necessary to reach for that door and not lose a drop.