edisonWhile watching the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) Network, we ran across this movie gem. It stars one of our favorite actors, Spencer Tracy. The movie follows the life of Thomas Edison – the dreamer, the husband, the failed businessman, the inventor of so many things we all take for granted. Mr. Tracy does a great job embodying the soulful heart of Edison.

One of our favorite scenes in the movie is where Edison tells his wife of a dream he experienced after he had fallen asleep in their parlor. He had been working non-stop for several days in his laboratory on the invention of the light bulb – a very unsuccessful run of effort for dear old Tom. In actuality, it was something like over two years of failed attempts, 3,000 different theories and the testing of 6,000 types of fiber for a carbon filament before finally reaching the right combination that led to his first successful light bulb.

Rather than disappointment, Edison shares with his wife a vision of waking the frozen world up. A restart… a kick-start to a fresh beginning. (See video below)

Isn’t that one of the great things about life? Here’s to your next big dream and a “piece of sunrise in your pocket”