At Sound Ideas, we believe that your world is limited by your imagination. And when your imagination’s budget is bigger than your project budget, then it’s time to get digital.

Imagine yourself standing on the streets of Paris looking at the Eiffel Tower. Or imagine yourself as a gladiator in the middle of the Coliseum. Or even being the first person to land on Mars! All of this is possible when you have control over your environment in a digital realm.

Some of us in I’m suggesting that credit monitoring comparison money, once morphed (loosing its debt association) is more properly considered money. the office are big “Walking Dead” fans and with the up-coming “Zombie Apocalypse”, we thought we’d show a quick example of how we created our own digital post-apocalyptic world.

For the shot below, we had our own Dave Temple as our “actor”. First we started with a regular shot. Then KC, our motion graphics guru, worked his magic. He applied some 3D tracking to the shot and built a faux 3D environment. He then composited the original shot using the 3D tracking information. Next, he rotoscoped Dave back into the foreground, added some color correction to set the mood, and added some music to intensify the shot.