By Crystal Leighty

You know how the smell of cookies takes you back to a special memory or the way a song can evoke strong emotions from the past? The magic of video editing can have the same affect on your audience. How do you want to make your customer feel while they watch your video?

The way a video is edited can have a profound outcome on how it is perceived. You can start with the color. By removing the warmth and color from your video you can influence your audience to feel sad or scared. Bright, warm lighting can make the video feel happy or hopeful.

In the same way sounds and music can affect the emotions of the audience. A properly chosen music bed or sound effects in the background can help lead the audience to feel nervous, concerned, thoughtful, and more.

We set out to show how one shoot could be edited to show multiple emotions. In one hour, we got footage of our friend Peter walking through the woods. KC then edited it using four different techniques and each one should make you feel differently. How do you feel when you watch them?

Using planning and your senses to create the right message, that is a Sound Idea.