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Sound Idea #37 – Challenge Yourself for 30 Minutes
September 12, 2013

Everywhere we go, we try to find a little extra fun along the way. With only a 1/2 hr before catching…

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Sound Idea #36 – Make Sure You’re Disconnected
August 23, 2013

It wasn’t that long ago that we visited the library for information. Or put a quarter into a pay phone to…

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Sound Idea #35 – Tell a Story Like Grandpa Swymeler
August 13, 2013

by Chris Swymeler My Grandpa Swymeler was a great story teller. And man, did he have stories to tell! The Dust…

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Sound Idea #33 – Controlling the Chaos
July 26, 2013

by Regina Who doesn”t remember Lucy and Ethel working the assembly line at the chocolate factory? What a great analogy for…

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Sound Idea #32 – Working with “The Other” Fonts
July 11, 2013

By Matt Wilson I love type. I love it so much, sometimes I get hung up on using only the “good…

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