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Sound Idea #20 – Abe Lincoln’s Quote Says It All
April 15, 2013

“I’m sorry I wrote such a long letter. I did not have the time to write a short one.” Abraham Lincoln….

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Sound Idea #19 – Think Small
April 12, 2013

Everyone needs a little inspiration once in a while. While taking a short swim in the sea of YouTube, we stumbled…

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Sound Idea #18 – Perseverance and a Positive Attitude Pays Off
April 8, 2013

While watching the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) Network, we ran across this movie gem. It stars one of our favorite actors,…

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Sound Idea #17 – Create Your Own World
April 3, 2013

At Sound Ideas, we believe that your world is limited by your imagination. And when your imagination’s budget is bigger than…

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Sound Idea #016 – It’s not about YOU
March 26, 2013

Sometimes we are faced with the difficult task of convincing clients to remove themselves from the equation when it comes to…

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Sound Idea #015 – Make your LAUNCH party take off
March 13, 2013

As many of you know, we just recently launched our brand spankin’ new website. The process of developing a new site…

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