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Sound Idea #26 – Meet Peter Heneveld
May 6, 2013

Name: Peter Heneveld Code Name: “Lincoln 2.0” Profile: Peter started with Sound Ideas in late 2010 and works as our chief 3D…

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Sound Idea #25 – Meet KC Frye
May 2, 2013

Name: KC Frye Code Name: “The Stache” Profile: KC started with Sound Ideas in mid-2009 and is responsible for video &…

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Sound Idea #24 – Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite
April 29, 2013

Our staff recently had the opportunity to read the book “Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite” by Paul Arden. The book…

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Sound Idea #23 – Meet Matt Wilson
April 25, 2013

Name: Matt Wilson Code Name: “The Lumberjack” Profile: Matt has been with Sound Ideas for almost 8 years and is one…

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Sound Idea #22 – A Full Glass of Milk
April 24, 2013

You can”t open a door with a full glass of milk in your hand. Go ahead, try it. We dare you….

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Sound Idea #21 – Get Puzzled
April 19, 2013

Sure it’s a tad cliché to say that everyone on our team is a piece of “one big puzzle”. We are…

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