Sounding Board

Negative Space is Positive Space
July 29, 2014

By Matt Wilson Being an optimistic individual, I love to study the negative elements in graphic design. No, not the bad…

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Sound Idea #41- Imagine the Power of Words
June 12, 2014

PLEASE, read this. IMAGINE that I could influence you BECAUSE I knew a secret. The secret? Power words known to create…

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Sound Idea #40 – Are you the sun or the wind?
June 5, 2014

By Chris Swymeler Ever read Aesop’s fable of The Wind and the Sun? Find it here, It seems that strategy over…

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Sound Idea #39 – Sound Ideas gets down to Bare Bones
May 30, 2014

By Peter Heneveld In todays media market there”s a strong desire for a personalized “look” when it comes to branding and…

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Sound Idea #38 – Sight, Sounds and Senses
May 21, 2014

By Crystal Leighty You know how the smell of cookies takes you back to a special memory or the way a…

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Sound Idea #37 – Challenge Yourself for 30 Minutes
September 12, 2013

Everywhere we go, we try to find a little extra fun along the way. With only a 1/2 hr before catching…

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Sound Idea #36 – Make Sure You’re Disconnected
August 23, 2013

It wasn’t that long ago that we visited the library for information. Or put a quarter into a pay phone to…

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Sound Idea #35 – Tell a Story Like Grandpa Swymeler
August 13, 2013

by Chris Swymeler My Grandpa Swymeler was a great story teller. And man, did he have stories to tell! The Dust…

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Sound Idea #33 – Controlling the Chaos
July 26, 2013

by Regina Who doesn”t remember Lucy and Ethel working the assembly line at the chocolate factory? What a great analogy for…

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Sound Idea #32 – Working with “The Other” Fonts
July 11, 2013

By Matt Wilson I love type. I love it so much, sometimes I get hung up on using only the “good…

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