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In 1996, owner Dave Hazen expanded upon the idea of maximizing the time medical sales reps spent in their vehicles by providing relevant, rich audio content to help train them about their diverse portfolios.

To build upon this idea even further, Dave hired a team of experienced medical and industrial marketing professionals to provide exceptional creative services to the very industries of which the sales reps served.

And Sound Ideas has been helping various medical, industrial, and local businesses ever since. Ensuring their dreams become realities, and doing what it takes to get the jobs done, impeccably.

A small town with Sound Ideas

We’re located in a small town called Columbia City in northeast Indiana, and our belief in fun and a good laugh is our way of life. We work hard and put in the hours necessary to get the job done. We travel all over the country sharing in our clients’ adventures. Our headquarters is a blend of work and play, where we can set up video and Podcast productions or hunker down for a brainstorming session with sweet white board action. One thing for certain is that our place will always be a relaxed one where anyone can drop by for a cup of coffee, a quick brainstorming session, or a laugh — though most commonly all of the above!

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How our services break the mold


Creativity is at the pinnacle of all our operations. From marketing and identity, to sales and communications we put form into all functionality.



We’re a full service production design team that has it covered from 3D art and illustration to videography, print, and digital design.



Whether it’s B2B or B2C, we have the prowess to get into the weeds of technical and basic content to maximize user retention.



In this era, attention is fleeting as ever. Reaching your target audience can be challenging, but we know and have what it takes to hit the bullseye.


Come have a seat with us and chat.