Sound Idea #33 – Controlling the Chaos


by Regina

Who doesn”t remember Lucy and Ethel working the assembly line at the chocolate factory? What a great analogy for us! When the chocolates, or projects, move in at a good and steady pace, no problem. But what happens when several projects flow in quickly and are all due at the same time?

We control the chaos with process. Each job is analyzed up front to determine if there is any missing information. The jobs that are considered online casino to be complete get scheduled based upon complexity while we chase down the missing info on the others. We assign the appropriate teams to the projects then put our noses to the grindstone, sometimes working crazy hours to ensure project completion for our clients.

Lucy and Ethel had other ways of trying to control the chaos, but we”re not into “eating” projects!

Their "process"

And our process. (Example of our animation process)


Sound Idea #32 – Working with “The Other” Fonts

By Matt Wilson

I love type. I love it so much, sometimes I get hung up on using only the “good safe fonts”. You know, the tried and true, safe and predictable ones. They space themselves, look good in any weight and make it easy to get approval from our clients. So, I challenged myself to create a standalone piece using the crème de la crème of “the other” fonts. You know, those system fonts that make you wonder why they even exist at all. The ones that take up space between Helvetica and Universe. It proved to be an uncomfortable task. But, as I reflected on the title of one of my favorite quick reads by Paul Arden “Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite”  I decided to jump in, embrace the Bee Knees and have some fun.  Flashbacks of college design projects went awry. The struggle with bad letter spacing and strange letter forms became the joy of the challenge. And, in the adventure, I think I learned a valuable lesson. Sometimes, you just have to take what you have to work with and make something great happen. I wonder if this could apply to my cooking? And although I probably won’t go straight to Papyrus for my next concept, I have a renewed respect for font designers and their unique creations… whether they are “the other” fonts or not.

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