Sound Idea #29 – Meet Regina Butler

regName: Regina Butler

Code Name: “The Taskmaster”

Profile: Regina started with Sound Ideas in early 2011 and works as an Account Director.  With precision and skill, she makes sure that our clients’ projects get completed with accuracy and on time. With her ability to control the team’s workflow, we’re confident online casino dgfev that she has been trained in the way of the Jedi.

Favorite Quote: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Interesting Fact: Regina is a new member of the Fort Wayne Track Club and will be participating in a handful of official 5K fun runs this spring/summer. She may also attempt a 10K or two this fall. She is in the beginning stages of writing a non-fiction novel and is shooting for a trilogy to fulfill a life-long dream of taking readers on a journey through a world that she’s created.

Sound Idea #26 – Meet Peter Heneveld

peterName: Peter Heneveld

Code Name: “Lincoln 2.0”

Profile: Peter started with Sound Ideas in late 2010 and works as our chief 3D animator. He also provides our clients with motion graphics and digital illustration.  He has some mad skills when it comes to making 3D models look photo realistic. The office staff is envious of his amazing ability to grow a beard that would make any Spartan warrior proud.

Favorite Quote: “I have a very strict gun control policy: if there’s a gun around, I want to be in control of it.” – Clint Eastwood

Interesting Fact: Peter and his wife are heavily involved and well known among the ultimate Frisbee community in northern Indiana. They’re currently training for various summer ultimate leagues taking place in Fort Wayne, Huntington, and Decatur along with tournaments in Indy, Ball State, Anderson, Marion, Rose Hulman, Hanover, and Manchester.


Sound Idea #25 – Meet KC Frye

kc_newName: KC Frye

Code Name: “The Stache”

Profile: KC started with Sound Ideas in mid-2009 and is responsible for video & motion graphics. His ability to convert vision into reality is untouchable. Not only is he skilled in video production, but he is also our resident DJ and has introduced us to talent like Wing.

Favorite Quote: “The only normal people are the one’s you don’t know very well” -Alfred Adler, Austrian Medical Doctor, psychotherapist, and founder of the school of individual psychology.

Interesting Fact: KC has been a home brewer for three years. This year will be his first attempt at competition brewing at the 2013 State Fair. He’ll be entering a Robust Porter and American Style Barley Wine.


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