Welcome to Sound Ideas

Sound Ideas is a seasoned team of creative minds that exists to help Medical Marketers, Educators, and Leaders ENGAGE with Surgeons, Patients, and Sales Teams in the New World.

What’s our secret sauce? Creating Awareness. Driving Action. Fostering Advocacy. From Upstream to Downstream. From the East Coast to the Wild West, we thrive with clients in a space we call “The Engagement Zone.”


It is fall, and it’s that time of the season again. The smell of popcorn. The roar of the crowd. And, oh ya, Columbia City High School’s total domination of their opponents.#flyeagles

Step Up To The Mic

This month’s focus for the SI Crew is “Musicality.” It is our chance to step up and be heard on the social loudspeaker. We plan to air out our music metaphor closet and see what gets the room dancing. If you know us, you know our love for integrating the story of music into our own story. Let’s see where this groove takes us.