Welcome to Sound Ideas

Sound Ideas is a seasoned team of creative minds that exists to help Medical Marketers, Educators, and Leaders ENGAGE with Surgeons, Patients, and Sales Teams in the New World.

What’s our secret sauce? Creating Awareness. Driving Action. Fostering Advocacy. From Upstream to Downstream. From the East Coast to the Wild West, we thrive with clients in a space we call “The Engagement Zone.”

Touchpoints. The Final Frontier

You know you need to monitor your brand’s connection to the world. But, the effort always seems to take a back seat to everything else in your world. It’s not rocket science. Maybe it is time to take control of your mission. We’d love to help.

We Are Grateful for Our People

Our talented creative team is the lifeblood of our business. We recognize your hours of hard work.  We see your dedication to the craft. Thank you for your focus and willingness to grow. Now, back to work. 

Deep Thought for Wednesday

Two Cars. The first car leaves Fort Wayne, traveling 55 miles per hour toward Warsaw. The second car leaves Warsaw, traveling 61 Miles per hour toward The Fort. If SI was strategically placed between the two cities, which car would arrive here first? 

Brachen shooting table top

We Shoot Video...

…so, you don’t have to. A recent study on Hubspot shows that “86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, holding steady from last year.” That is an incredible number! But, it also creates a tremendous amount of pressure on marketers. We love taking that pain away. We love shooting and editing our partner’s brand stories in ways that engage and motivate the audience. 

Great Collaboration Is The Key

“Never Compromise.” It’s an easy thing to say, but it is a very difficult thing to do. Where do we fill the creative void when opinions differ? Collaboration is the key. Great engagement between our team and our clients leads to amazing moments of innovation. It is always exciting to see a unified idea concept to life.

blue scallops background

Animation Is In Our DNA

Here’s a fun fact. It takes 24 frames (images) to equal one second of video. And every frame takes a few minutes to make. So, to do four seconds of an animated logo….okay. hmm. Let’s do the math. Carry the one…well, it takes a lot. But, the effect is totally worth it.

Swy's Weekly Video Post

Take a trip to work with Swy. Usually intentional. Sometimes profound. See what is floating through Swy’s mind this week.

The Legendary SI Tree

We have a few trees around Sound Ideas HQ, but this one stands out above all the others (literally). It’s a beauty. It is tall and gritty. It outlasted the farmhouse. It has stood through blizzards, tornadoes, flooded fields, and more. That tree has earned every scar. It has character, and we like that.